Upcoming Auditions

Seattle Talent is the only studio in Seattle that works directly with talent agencies, modeling agencies, and casting directors from Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Just as important as having the correct tools to succeed, such as confidence, interview skills, camera technique, acting ability and experience, is the opportunity to meet the right people. Our network of contacts include the best talent agencies and modeling agencies in the business, and our clients get to meet and personally audition with a talent agent, modeling agent, or casting director from LA, NY, or SF every month, giving each actor and each model we work with the opportunity to showcase themselves, their acting ability, and their modeling potential with the best professionals in the industry.

Our next Agent Day is Saturday October 18th with Milton Perea,
AEF Talent, LA!

Milton represents many Seattle Talent Clients in the LA Market, including our own MTV Movie Award winning Actress Alexys Sanchez of Moses Lake, star of Grown Ups 1 & 2. He also represents Anjini Azhar, who was a series regular on ABC last year, played a key role in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and just landed a regular role on a new HBO series.

He also represents Jared Gilmore, series regular on Once Upon a Time and Mad Men; John Loudermilk of Power Rangers Megaforce; Kylin Rhambo, series regular on The First Family, Teen Wolf, and appeared in Enders Game; and Jack Griffe from Nick’s The Thundermans.

His Talent also appears in:

  • X-Men franchise
  • The Twilight Series
  • Iron Man 3
  • Paranormal Activity series
  • Law and Order
  • Revolution
  • Shake it Up
  • Jurassic World
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Saint George
  • NCIS
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Salem
  • Chosen
  • iCarly
  • Rizzoli and Isles
  • Fringe
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  • True Blood
  • Grimm
  • Kroll Show
  • Modern Family
  • Anchorman 2