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Have you ever wanted to act in your favorite show, on Disney or Nickelodeon, or be in a big blockbuster movie? Here is where you get started, the only actor’s studio in Seattle that major talent agencies from LA and New York come to scout. We have placed our Seattle actors with the best agencies in the world, including CESD, Coast to Coast, KSR, ACME Talent, AEF, Hines and Hunt, Abrams Artists, and Luber Rocklin Management. Forget those small hokey agencies and all of those fake online agencies. If you want to be an actor, you need to meet REAL agents. Our kids have appeared in the hit shows Suite Life, Hannah Montana, iCarly, How I Met Your Mother, According to Jim, CSI, Kyle X-Y, and Scrubs as well as the films Yes Man, Transformers, National Treasure 2, Halloween, and Hancock. Apply now online, and if you have what it takes, we will get you placed in front of the finest agencies in the industry!

Upcoming Agent Day!

Our next Agent Day is Saturday, July 27th with Nicole Conner of Central Artists Agency! Register now for your chance to audition with the best scouts in the industry!

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Featured Talent
Taylar Holloman This amazing actress has been a guest on Community, playing a young Shirley. Taylar also has a big Pepsi Max commercial running...
Jillian Nelson is from Lake Chelan, Washington and has been on a steady rise since she was discovered in 2008. She's represented by Maverick Artists Agency...
Maxwell Dobak is one of our premiere clients from Spokane, Washington. Since discovering Max in late 2010, he's shot commercials...
Karan Brar of Diary of a Wimpy Kid fame, is the new breakout star of the hit Disney series Jessie! He plays Ravi Ross, and he is doing an amazing job. Congrats to Karan...
Anjini Azhar starred alongside Emmy Award Winner Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad in the recent film, Smashed. Smashed was a hit at this year's Sundance...
John Omohundro started working with Seattle Talent in 2009 and has been one of our most treasured clients. John spent a few days on the set of the Disney...
Shelby Zemanek is from Tacoma, WA and has made a huge splash in Hollywood. Shelby starred alongside Jim Carey in Yes Man and Tom Hanks in Angels...
Sam Schuder has been on a steady rise since she attended the iPop convention in 2008. Sam has done national commercials for both Clorox and Verizon...
Asher Lindgren is another one of our clients from Spokane, Washington who has absolutely hit the ground running. He's currently represented by Cynthia...
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