Albert Castillo Books Local Film Role

Published: August 11, 2022

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are having as great as week as we are. I just had a meeting with Robert and Hank yesterday, and Hank has let me know we already have thirty (YES I SAID 30!) Clients that competed at IMTA NY 2022 already sign with representation in major markets, with many more to go. I can’t wait to post all of the exciting news.

I also wanted to congratulate the handsome and talented Mr. Albert Castillo! He booked his first feature film! David and SAA were able to book him on this production that is shooting in Seattle right now. Albert has a terrific role, and we are so excited for him. I will post the details as the project comes together post-production. Congrats Albert!

We also wanted to introduce a young man that Holly brought on board this spring, Mr. Fox Ball. This guy is just amazing, and David has already booked him with our friends over at HiHo Kids (follow that YouTube channel its amazing!). Fox has that great face and a ton of personality, keep an eye on this guy.

Kelvin Hernandez is one of our Clients who was in NY at IMTA, and he has already signing with KAT Talent Management in LA. We are old friends with the owner, Kat Gordon, and she is a great match for Kelvin. Kelvin is a really likable young actor, with a great look and clever wit. We are really expecting fun and exciting things for this guy’s future.

CLIENTS! As always, be checking your email daily for castings from SAA, we have had some really fun opportunities recently, including:

  • A well paid booking for a hair styling event in Bellevue
  • Editorial shoot for kids 8-12 and women 23-35
  • Actors with comedic improv skills for a commercial
  • Actors who could portray an exercise instructor & cowboy for a commercial
  • Well paid boating commercial seeking fit actors/models 25-50
  • A short film shooting locally for boys and girls 8-12 yo
  • Very well paid commercial shoot in Montana (travel included!) for men 25-35, and families with kids ages 6-10, and families with kids 13-15.
  • Commercial for a Japan based agricultural machine brand, for teens ages 14-18, and adults aged 30-55
  • A well paid health care campaign for African American adults ages 18-80, Latins ages 20-60, and LGBQ ages 20-40.

As always, all Clients should be working on their self tape skills. We have a lot of Clients signing with one of our favorite LA Agencies, Mavrick Artists, as they have opened up a NW division and already booking. Their Agent keeps stressing to us the importance of having amazing self tape skills, so keep practicing everyone! You have to submit your best, as you can be certain your competition is! Congrats to Albert, Fox, and Kelvin, and keep checking back for more updates!

Albert Castillo

Fox Ball

Fox Ball

Fox Ball

Fox Ball

Kelvin Hernandez

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