Celine Dela Montanye Models Juicy Couture

Published: October 12, 2018

Check out one of your favorite young starlets, Ms. Celine Dela Montanye! Here is a sneak peek at her latest shoot for Juicy Couture. Looking sassy and classy as always, Celine! When she’s not busy mastering martial arts, she’s modeling for brands such as Zulily, and Juicy Couture. Watch out for this girl, she is going places!

Celine Dela Montanye

Young Ms. Montanye packs a lot of personality into her adorable little self, don’t you think? It’s no doubt that she has a bright future ahead, in any industry, and especially this one! We are so proud of everything she has accomplished so far, and proud to be a part of her journey. Seeing the joy, excitement and passion of these young people, and being able to support their success, is why we do what we do. Celine, thank you for sharing your career with us!

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