Congrats to the Following Clients!

Published: August 28, 2014

BOOM! An amazing Callback list from the Talent Managers at Stein Entertainment. We had TJ up right before we took our IMTA group to NY, and he was telling all sorts of Agents and Managers how productive his trip to Seattle was. Stellar job everyone!

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent clients who have received a callback from TJ Stein and Stein Entertainment, Los Angeles.

  • Kira Bennett
  • Hannah Bos
  • Azia Caver
  • Kaitlyn Covey
  • Danielle Croom
  • Logan Davidson
  • Josiah Briston
  • Katelynn Diaz
  • Sally Jo Fetter
  • Alex Hager
  • Parker Finney
  • Derek Loniak
  • Cloe McCue
  • Jason McGuinness
  • Arrington Miller
  • Nicholas Nica
  • Marlo Olson
  • Kara Puerschner
  • Dylon Richard
  • Luke Richert
  • Thalia Simkins
  • Wyatt Skelly
  • Blake Sneve
  • Grace Tang
  • Ryker Thomas
  • Adam Washington
  • Max Willoughby
  • Nickolas Whitemarsh
  • Ejsah Wolfe