Emma and Molly Edwards Sign with MMG Talent Agency

Published: March 05, 2018

New week, which means more signing alerts! Seattle Talent’s very own Ms. Emma, and Molly Edwards, from our fantastic team in Idaho Falls, have both signed with MMG Talent Agency in New York City! Both of these young talents were fantastic at this years IMTA LA18, and they each took home several awards! Molly came in 2nd for the Kids’ Spot Competition, and also picked up several recognition awards for Pre-Teen Actor of the Year, Best Pre-Teen Dancer, Best Cold Read, Best Screen Test, and TV Beauty! Emma, on the other hand, came in third for Best Commercial Print and racked up several recognition awards for Best Female Teen Model, Best Runway Presentation, Best Fashion Print, Best Jeans Runway Presentation, Best Swimwear/Beachwear Runway Presentation, Best Jr. Female Dancer, Best Makeup, and TV Beauty! Both of these young talents are in good hands with our friends over at MMG. Congratulations Girls, everyone at Seattle Talent is so proud of you, both of your futures are so bright; we cannot wait to hear about your future projects! Great work!

Emma Edwards and Molly Edwards