Fran Blain and Associates January Agent Day Callbacks

Published: February 03, 2020

Hey Everyone!

FANTASTIC WORK AT THE JANUARY AGENT DAY! Ms. Blain had a long callback list, here is what she said to us:

Hi Robert… Fran Blain here with my Callback List.

Thank you so much for having me up to Seattle. I had a great time seeing your talented actors in Los Angeles at IMTA & then in Seattle on the 18th. The work was excellent which is a testament to how well you prepare your actors. I’m always so impressed and it’s the reason I keep coming back. Everyone’s energy was great and I had such fun!


  • Jesse James Barker
  • Jeremiah Benjamin Burroughs
  • Gianna Calio
  • Ahan Das Chowdhury
  • Allyson Conner
  • Halle Fletcher
  • Anna Grace Hartley
  • Kuldeep Jawanda
  • Lucas Naylor
  • Anthony Ogolenko
  • Joy Pelletier
  • Nicole Pushkina
  • Aisley Sabo
  • Jaeger Salcedo
  • Isaac Trigsted
  • Lana Yun

She also wanted to share that she thought the following Clients also had something that stood out to her, but was unable to call them back, her honorable mentions:

  • JaMar Taylor
  • Zymena Lim
  • Isaiah Watson
  • LaCoda Miller
  • Nicole Anneliese Smith
  • Tamari Washington
  • Tehani Palisbo
  • Hunter Biddle
  • Berta Manevich
  • Daniel Orantes
  • Reeti Diwan
  • Linn Jansson
  • Maji Williams
  • Julianne Chryst
  • Ethan Brannon
  • Sarah Goodin
  • Aidan K
  • Karlie Johnson
  • Helen Su
  • Laisha Gonzalez
  • Hannah Pierce
  • Rosalinda Tomich
  • Isabella Chavez
  • Sonam Sohi
  • Mathaeus Andersen
  • Lucy Gittelman
  • Danielle Mwiti
  • Sarah Bridges
  • Arabella Escalona Perte

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