Germian Arroy's Upcoming Role in Under the Stadium Lights

Published: May 03, 2021

Hey Everyone! Very exciting news for Mr. Germain Arroyo! Germain has been a big part of Seattle Talent, starting as a Client when he was 18, then working in the office for several years as he saved money to move to LA. Now he is signed with Luber Rocklin Entertainment and HRI Talent, and has had a lot of success, with roles on Ratched, S.W.A.T, For All Mankind, The Affair, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and numerous commercials. His first major role in a feature film is playing Augustine Barrientes in Under The Stadium Lights, with a great cast that includes Lawrence Fishburne, Abigail Hawk, Milo Gibson, and Josh Richards. It releases on June 4th! We are so excited to see Germain, he really worked hard for this role. Congrats Germain, you friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent are so proud of you!

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