Here are the honorable mentions for NBE LA!

Published: August 03, 2016

Congratulations to all the Seattle Talent Clients and Seattle Artists Agency Clients who made the callback list for New Beginnings Entertainment. As you know Nita has already reached out to each of you . Good luck as you move forward with NBE. Nita also had a list of clients she wanted recognized as honorable mentions for their great Auditions:

  • Madison Rearden
  • Emma Rearden
  • Binta Drammen
  • Joelle Shirley
  • Joshua Shirley
  • Kaia Rubin
  • James Weagant
  • Caroline Abeyta
  • Robbie Latorre
  • Saveya Boyle
  • Kaylee Krause
  • Kloe Broughton
  • Korbin Broughton
  • Celina Dela Montayne
  • Cole Magrini
  • Katie Keller
  • Halle Palumbo
  • Laura Henning
  • Amy Carol Olson
  • Brooke Corran