Ashley Thompson Signs With Elite Model Mgmt Miami!

Published: September 18, 2018

Hello Seattle Talent fans! It’s time to highlight one of our outstanding clients, who is doing quite well for herself in the modeling industry. The gorgeous and gifted Ms. Ashley Thompson takes us behind the scenes of a recent photo shoot, in this video! Just earlier this year, this young woman competed at IMTA LA 2018, and she definitely did a spectacular job on that runway! Ashley earned several¬† prestigious awards at the convention, including Female Commercial Model Of The Year and 1st Runner-Up for Most Sought Female Actor. In addition to those impressive successes she also got 60+ callbacks after the convention, which is amazing! Ashley is currently signed with The Industry Model Management, Los Angeles division, and she just recently signed with Elite Model Management, Miami¬†division, as well! It sounds pretty stellar to be represented by a modeling agency on each coast - double the opportunities, right? Ashley, your family, friends, and fans at Seattle Talent are so proud of you! For all you folks at home, head on over to our Seattle Talent channel on YouTube, for more awesome content from our clients.