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IMTA NY 17 was very nice to Mr. Hunter Mitchell!

This is the very talented Mr. Hunter Mitchell, he was a member of our IMTA NY 17 team and did absolutely fantastic. Hunter competed in both acting and modeling competitions, and won many awards in both! Hunter placed top 7 in three modeling competitions, the Fashion Print, Runway, and Swimwear/Beachwear Competitions, and top 7 in four acting competitions, the Commercial Print, Kid’s Spot, Monologue, and TV Beauty Competitions! But that’s not all, Hunter also was the winner of both Screen Test and Theatrical Headshots Competitions! But Hunter wasn’t done there, with his performances he placed top 7 for Male Pre-Teen Model of the Year and winner of the biggest award at IMTA, Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year! Hunter, this is big news and we can not wait to see what is ahead for you. Congratulations on your amazing performance from all of your friends, fans, and family here at Seattle talent!

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