Jessie Dawson & Celine Dela Montanye On HiHo Kids

Published: October 12, 2018

Hey all you loyal Seattle Talent fans, out there! We’ve got a unique and interesting video for you today. Check out Seattle Talent’s very own Ms. Jessie Dawson and Ms. Celine Dela Montanye in HiHo’s latest Kids Meet video. These young ladies did a wonderful job interviewing Anthony Curcio, the now-famous former bank robber, who is celebrating becoming an Amazon Best-Selling Author. We found his story fascinating, and we think you will too.

I bet our youngsters learned a lot from this interview, wouldn’t you say? You can find out more about Anthony’s story, and check out his book and his collection of children’s coloring books, at the Amazon Store. And be sure to check out theĀ HiHo Kids channel on YouTube, for more great videos. To Jessie and Celine, bravo! We are very impressed with your hard work and dedicated to your craft. Keep up the great work, ladies! We look forward to seeing what comes your way next!

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