Micah Classen Interviews A Kid In Recovery

Published: October 12, 2018

Hey all you Seattle Talent fans! We’ve got a great highlight for you today, about an amazing client who participated in an equally inspiring video. Learn about Toleshan’s incredible story of recovery in this candid interview, with Seattle Talent’s very own Micah Classen!

This video is the latest in HiHo’s wildly popular Kids Meet series. We are so impressed with Micah’s focus and maturity for this particular content, not to mention his good-natured sense of humor that brought something really special to the delivery. We think he really did a spectacular job in this HiHo Kids webisode! Micah, we are proud of you for your part in this video, it’s definitely a job well done. Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent can’t wait to see more of your incredible talent at work!

Did this conversation resonate with you? We applaud the HiHo Kids team for approaching this topic with curiosity and authenticity. Addiction is rarely an easy thing to talk about, but these young people had the opportunity to model one way of having a healthy conversation about it. What do you think?

If you enjoyed this video as much as we did, be sure to check out more compassionate, curious content on the HiHo Kids channel on YouTube. And see if you can spot more from the Seattle Talent crew in the HiHo Kids videos! You’ll find plenty!

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