Nyah & Nyssa Balagopalan, Miko Lingat Try Syrian Food!

Published: September 15, 2018

Can these talented young actors get any more adorable? Your favorite HiHo Kids, Nyah and Nyssa Balagopalan and Miko Lingat, co-star in another Kids Try video, with HiHo Kids! If you haven’t tried Syrian food before, this informative video is a MUST SEE! Whoever prepares all this food at the HiHo studio, sure makes everything look really delicious! And our delightful young clients were so brave to try all those foods that they didn’t recognize. They’re definitely braver than a lot of adults! And their reactions of their first bites is simply priceless. Great job, you guys. We look forward to watching your next adventurous video. And for any of you folks at home that love these videos as much as we do, be sure to check out more Kids Try videos on the HiHo Kids YouTube channel!