Paula Valdez Shoots Commercial For King County Metro!

Published: November 01, 2018

Hey there, folks! We at Seattle Talent are always bragging about the successes of our clients. We can’t help it! They are some of the most talented young people we’ve ever met. And this young lady is no exception!

Congratulations to the talented Ms. Paula Valdez! You may remember Paula from her stellar audition at Agent Day back in June, which earned her a callback with Mr. Fredrick Levy of Management 101. Well, now Ms. Valdez is at it again! This busy young lady landed an exciting local gig.

This is a terrific booking from our own Seattle Artists Agency Booking division. She will be working on a set, shooting a commercial for King County Metro! This is a very high-profile kind of exposure for the Seattle area, which is very exciting for Paula. We at the Seattle Talent office are looking forward to witnessing more of your successes, Paula! Congratulations on a job well done. We can’t wait to see the commercial! And any of you folks at home who live in the Seattle area, keep your eyes open for Paula to appear in the commercial for King County Metro really soon!

Paula Valdez

Paula Valdez

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