Seattle Talent acting Success Story Shelby Zemanek!

Published: October 18, 2008

Everyone knows Shelby Zemanek by now: super cute, super sweet, and a super good actress. She has made a huge splash in Hollywood so far. Shelby is signed with one of the best talent agencies in LA, ¬†Coast to Coast LA, and has already acted in a few commercials, including an incredibly cute Betty Crocker commercial. She has also acted in a few commercials for Disney and Barbie. She has also turned a guest star appearance on the ABC sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” into a recurring role. Way to go Shelby!

Even cooler is that her first movie comes out really soon! ¬†She has a role in the new Jim Carrey comedy “Yes Man”. We are also very excited to see her in next summer’s blockbuster “Angels and Demons”, the prequel to “The Davinci Code” that is starring Tom Hanks.

Shelby Zemanek