Callbacks are in from Nita Brochu of New Beginnings Entertainment!

Published: June 08, 2017

A big congratulations go out to the following Seattle Talent clients who made either the callback list or honorable mention list for Nita Brochu and New Beginnings Entertainment.

First callbacks go out to the following clients:

  • Audrey M Williams
  • Roman Marchany
  • Brooklyn Williams
  • Gaven Honeycutt
  • Micah Classen

Now a big shout out to the clients on the honorable mention list:

  • Stella Anderson
  • Catherin Doyle
  • Caitria Navalta
  • McKensie Lezano
  • Ainsley Kimbal
  • Daniel La Voie
  • Xander Lightenberg

Great job everyone!