February Agent Day with NTA Talent Agency

Published: February 27, 2023

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday!

Have some fun stuff to report today. We were able to host an old friend, Justine Hunt, at February’s Agent Day. Justine is now working for the NTA Talent Agency in LA, it is a terrific Agency representing many series regulars and film stars, as well as having a very productive commercial and fashion division. We are excited to have someone we have worked closely with for twenty years to be an Agent there. Justine was thrilled with everyone that she met on Agent Day, impressed both with the talent level as well as the variety of casting types we introduced her to. She really enjoyed the energy level, and how everyone really brought their A-game. Zoom has made Agent Day so easy and fun!

We want to congratulate everyone who made her callback list! Here they are:

  • Alison Seidel
  • Emeke Nkadi
  • Eva Chapman
  • Isabel Bennett
  • Hayden Wood
  • Shaila Raben
  • Timothy Marionneaux
  • Joey Kane
  • Tabarak Abosabaa
  • True Bakogeorge-Lee
  • Marcial Williamson
  • Nicholas Daughtry
  • Saxon Wood
  • Abdi Abdullahi
  • Rocco Gamet
  • Collins Sugut
  • Rosy Yu
  • Emma Bourdage
  • Kaylee Gibbs
  • Mario Martez Smith

Great work everyone!

Clients, make sure your headshots are up to date, and your self taping skills are sharp. David and his team has had some really fun castings this week, including our friends at HiHo Kids (check out their YouTube, it is outstanding content) are looking for children and pre-teens for their Kids Try series, and a great casting for Nike, who are looking for all sorts of talent, including kids who dance hip-hop, people who have unique style, basketball players, yoga practitioners, and more. Make sure your resume reflects ALL of your skills!

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