Hines & Hunt October 2021 Agent Day Callbacks

Published: November 05, 2021

Hey Everyone! Callbacks are in from October Agent Day featuring Justine Hunt from Hines and Hunt LA. Justine had a blast meeting everyone, and had a lot of compliments on the talent level of everyone. She also appreciated how diverse in age and casting type she was able to scout from, and she has a humongous callback list. Congrats on your hard work Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency Cleints! November Agent Day is coming up quick!

Congratulations go out to:

  • Jesus Alba Funes
  • Sarah Markley
  • Dylan Russel
  • Abhi Taneja
  • Boris Tonkikh
  • Angelique Vienneau
  • Danika Loewer
  • Payson Mitchell
  • Jason Nguyen
  • Max Nabholz
  • Maia Nabholz
  • Raymond Chen
  • Aria Hicks
  • Daunte Galindo
  • Ethan Huang
  • Kenny Yang
  • Lillian Johnson
  • Elise Kristine
  • Freddy Mota
  • Melody Duran
  • Ananya Kunnath
  • Alex Pouzanov
  • Cameron Christopher
  • Caitlyn Creado

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