Imd Modeling International Callbacks Are In

Published: August 09, 2019

Congratulations to the following Seattle Talent Clients who have made the Callback List for Teresea Pollman from IMD Modeling International! Great work everyone, Theresa was thrilled with the overall level of talent that she met. Its a great list, and check out Reeti Diwan, Lucas Naylor, Sohum Sanu, Emma Leah Poznanski, Liam Price, and Anthony Ruballo who all made her list!

  • Reeti Diwan
  • Michelle Goziker
  • Grayson Palumbo
  • Josiah Cooks
  • Demier Peterson
  • Liam Price
  • Anthony Ruballo
  • Lucas Naylor
  • Sohum Sanu
  • Devin Jones
  • Emma Leah Poznanski

Reeti Diwan

Lucas Naylor

Sohum Sanu

Emma Leah Poznanski

Liam Price

Anthony Ruballo