Macklemore Interview With GG & Justin Harris!

Published: September 14, 2018

Well folks, our very own Justin and GG Harris have done it again! They are having a ton of fun on HiHo Kids, as usual, and they just finished the most amazing video for HiHo Kids!

These two have appeared in many HiHo Kids webisodes before, but this one is particularly exciting. These lucky young actors got to interview Macklemore! As in…Macklemore, who is currently touring for his new album Gemini?! Can you believe it? We still need a minute, and maybe a little fresh air!

Although most of the kiddos in this video are a little too young to know Macklemore and his world-renowned music career, the staff at Seattle Talent certainly are not! Everyone here at the office is losing their minds, reminiscing about how good 2012 was for the american music industry, while bumping Thrift Shop, and head-bobbing at our desks. We have some serious fans in the house, let me tell you.

We just love how creative and thoughtful Justin and GG were in their interview questions, and they did this video shoot cold! Impressive. Near the end of the video, you’ll get to see one of Justin’s many impressive talents…rapping! We didn’t see that coming, but we were super impressed; Justin really gave Macklemore a run for his money on that song, don’t do you think? To GG and Justin, congratulations on landing this once-in-a-lifetime webisode! You did such a great job on camera, and we really enjoyed watching you both have fun while learning something new. Your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent are so proud of you two!

How awesome is it that GG and Justin got the opportunity to sit down and interview one of the most famous local music artists local to the Pacific Northwest? Watch the video here, to hear Macklemore’s take on life, racial and social justice, the creative process, addiction, family, and more, in this heartwarming and hilarious interview. If you enjoyed this video from HiHo’s Kids Meet web series, be sure to check out the rest of the series on the HiHo Kids channel, hosted by YouTube.

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