Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Published: December 25, 2020

Hey Everyone!

The staff at Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! We always feel lucky at this time of year that we are able to work with such talented, engaging, and dynamic young people, and marvel at how supportive their families and friends are. We always want to recognize the sacrifice our families make who have a loved one serving our military, especially when they are far from home, as well as the families of first responders who are out protecting us all today. This year we also want to pay our respects to all the Doctors, Nurses, and medical personnel who have done and sacrificed so much in this horrible pandemic. We hope everyone is having a wonderful day, we love having you as clients and friends, and we are so looking forward to 2021. This last six months of watching all of you pivot so successfully to this new normal of zooming and self tapes, we feel like we are in for a very exciting year. Best wishes to everyone, and Merry Christmas from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency.

Happy Holidays

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