Miko Lingat, GG & Justin Harris Try Trendy Coca Cola!

Published: October 12, 2018

Have you ever tried Coca Cola…that’s a different color?? Well then, you should check out Seattle’s Talents own Miko Lingat, GG Harris and Justin Harris in this hilarious video from HiHo Kids! Our young people got to try out this trendy beverage, and see if they could tell the difference accurately!

Apparently, the Coca-Cola we know and love here in the states is not necessarily the same Coca-Cola that’s sold in other countries. After all the sugar consumption in this video, I bet our young actors had to really focus to stay in their chairs instead of bouncing off the walls!

Did you know that GG and Justin are siblings?! They really enjoyed being able to shoot this video together, and often find ways to play off of each. And we certainly loved watching all the different reactions from the kids in the blind taste test! These talented young actors bring out the fun in everything!

What trendy food or drink do you want the HiHo Kids to try next? Leave your ideas in the comments below. And be sure to check out the HiHo Kids channel on YouTube, for more off-the-wall and informative videos.

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