Agent Day at Seattle Talent!

Published: November 13, 2018

Congratulations on another terrific Agent Day audition, everyone! The folks from Discover Management, who visited us from Los Angeles, were quite pleased with how many talented young acting and modeling clients gave it their all during the auditions. And we were impressed with how many of our clients and their families were able to attend and participate in the event this past Saturday. Each and every one of our young professionals should be proud of their efforts.

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So, now that the excitement of Agent Day is over, we can’t wait to see who makes it onto the callback list! The suspense is building! We’ll be sure to update you here on our blog, so stay tuned. Great work, everyone! All you Seattle Talent fans at home can check out more behind-the-scenes action from this edition of Agent Day on our Facebook page.

Discover Management Agent Day

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