Alaine Mamararungu Shares Her Story with HiHo Kids!

Published: October 12, 2018

Some of our clients here at Seattle Talent have some truly amazing stories to tell! Buckle up folks, this one is a tear-jerker. In this candid video from HiHo, Kids Meet a Refugee, Ms. Alaine Mamararungu shares her experience of growing up in, and fleeing from, her native of country - Democratic Republic of the Congo.

She gets to share her story with some other Seattle Talent friends, the delightful Ms. Jessie Dawson, Ms. Mieraye Redmond, and Mr. Jules Florian. You’ll probably recognize several of these young actors from their other work with the HiHo Kids channel.

This is my newest favorite video of all time. It is so moving to see teenagers intently listening to each other talk about adversity, and being vulnerable with one another. Did you know that as of this year there are almost 69 million refugees in the world, having fled war, violence and persecution? That means that Alaine’s story, horrific as it may sound to some, is quite common and happens all over the world. We admire the HiHo Kids crew for taking on this challenging material in this video, and we applaud our young people for taking part in such an important conversation.

Alaine’s story is a worthwhile one to tell, so we were very proud to see our actors do such a great job of listening and asking thoughtful questions. A superb success, everybody! Make sure to check out the HiHo Kids channel on YouTube, for more brave, candid, and thoughtful videos like this one.

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