Celine Dela Montanye, Miko & MJ Lingat on HiHo Kids!

Published: September 15, 2018

The Lingat brothers, Mr. Miko & Mr. MJ, and the lovely Ms. Celine Dela Montanye are delightfully entertaining in all of their HiHo Kids Try videos! (They’ve done so many HiHo videos at this point, that all three of them have become fan favorites!) In this particular video, these young actors experiment with instant noodles from around the world to see which  ones they like, with mixed results, of course. And as always, with the help of the HiHo film crew, they try not to get too messy during the food prep! These guys sure have a lot of fun in front of the camera, don’t they?

Great job on the video, you guys! We are pleased to be a part of your burgeoning stardom. Your team here at Seattle Talent just loves seeing all the wonderful work you three are doing. Here’s to your continued success!

We love seeing our clients having fun while trying new things in these heartwarming videos from HiHo Kids! Check out the video below to see their reactions. Have you tried any of these interesting types of international noodles?

If you liked this video as much as we did, be sure to check out more hilarious and adventurous content on the HiHo Kids channel_ on YouTube_._ _And see if you can spot more kiddos from the Seattle Talent crew in the other HiHo Kids videos!_

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