Shruthi Sylace's Success at IMTA LA 2023

Published: February 14, 2023

Hey Everyone! We are double posting today because it’s Valentine’s Day, and this kid is a genuine sweetheart.

This amazing young talent is Ms. Shruthi Sylace, and she is accomplishing a lot right now. The ten year old is a genuinely funny young actor, and very bright and articulate, combining both talents to be able to imbue almost any script with a Shruthi-ness that is really entertaining and appealing. She has made a few Agent Day callback lists, and in January she took things to the next level and competed at IMTA LA 2023, and was spectacular.

Shruthi won 2nd Runner Up Pre-Teen Actor of the Year, outright winning her Monlogue comp and her Kids Spot comp. Most importantly, Shruthi was such a hit with Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors, that she had so many Callbacks that she was the 3rd Runner Up as the Most Sought After Female Talent in the entire competition, including kids, teens, and adults. Just a remarkable trip for this kid. Hank, Robert, Megan, Shariff, and I were all absolutely thrilled.

Best news last, we are super excited to announce that we have signed Shruthi with outstanding representation in LA. To help manage her career in LA, we are pleased to have her signed with Frederick Levy of Management 101. To represent her as an Agent, we are really excited to be signing her with Justine Hunt of the NTA Talent Agency LA. Justine is an old friend of ours, having scouted our talent for twenty years, and she recently moved to NTA. NTA is an excellent Agency, and we are excited both to have Justine as our contact, and that their first experience with a Seattle Talent Client is such a terrific kid like Shruthi.

Congrats on all that you are accomplishing Shruthi!

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