Luber Rocklin Agent Day Callbacks

Published: August 02, 2023

Hey everyone! Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting Luber Roklin Entertainment for our highly anticipated monthly Agent Day, and the results were simply incredible! Our talented individuals brought their A-game, earning many of them a spot on the callback list!

Thiago, our handsome model and actor, signed with Luber Roklin last year after being crowned Junior Male Model of the Year in NY! Here’s a sneak peek at some new photos he will be adding to his portfolio. We’re so happy to hear he’s busy auditioning for big projects!

Luber Roklin Callbak List:

  • Aaryahi Rana
  • Audrey Flothe
  • Ava Sharon
  • Bandhan Rai
  • Brady Nelson
  • Cruz Campbell
  • Emilie Duran
  • Gabriella Fox
  • Hadley Bennett
  • Irina Maltseva
  • Janie Alba
  • Jesus Alba
  • Khoe King
  • Kiernan Nguyen
  • Mia Casillas
  • Manasa Pamidimukkala
  • Ryan Hernandez
  • Sophie Burns
  • Taylor Karn
  • True Bakogeorge-Lee
  • Verlaiya Kelly
  • Zane Hembree
  • Zaylee Jaide Harris

Thiago Ausland

Thiago Ausland

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