Seattle Talent's Smashing Success at IMTA NY 2023

Published: July 14, 2023

Hey Everyone! We have been busy sorting through everyone’s accomplishments from the huge IMTA competition in NY and we want to take a second and congratulate a few people that really made the most of their opportunity. Together, these 5 talents won their entire divisions and received OVER 100 AGENT & MANAGER CALLBACKS. Let’s celebrate their individual strengths:

  • Aiyah Smart: Young Adult Actor of the Year: This talented young lady brings serious charisma to every single script. She’s a true force of nature and did amazing in NYC.

  • Andrew Stice: Junior Male Model of the Year: His confidence, friendliness, and ability to take direction with finesse showcases his true star power.

  • Sarah Cruickshank: Junior Actor of the Year: She’s polished, professional, and can make a huge impression on everyone. Keep your eyes out for this very natural actor.

  • Dalon Slater: Male Model of the Year: The camera loves this guy, and so does everyone who go to work with him in NY.

  • Seth Millard: Young Adult Actor of the Year: We love it when people take their own talent seriously, and Seth is always ready for the moment. He’s extremely professional and well prepared.

Huge congrats to everyone from your friends, fans, and family at Seattle Talent and Seattle Artists Agency. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you all!

Aiyah Smart

Andrew Stice

Sarah Cruickshank

Dalon Slater

Seth Millard

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