Adult Male Actors' Success at IMTA LA 2023

Published: March 08, 2023

Happy Wednesday!

We had a spectacular group of actors who competed at IMTA LA 2023, and now that every one has had time to follow up on all of their opportunities, we are really excited to talk about what they are accomplishing. Our team genuinely dominated the Adult Male Actor competitions, and we have super successful to signing them to representation in other markets. Check out what these guys have done:

  • Wilhelm Roscher - COMMERCIAL MODEL OF THE YEAR - Winner Swimwear - Signed with MMG Models
  • Henry Colvin - Honorable Mention Actor of the Year - Winner TV Beauty Commercial - Signed with Manikin Models
  • Teddy Meyer - Honorable Mention Actor of the Year - Winner Improv, 1st RU Cold Read - Signed with Brilliant Talent Management LA and Mavrick PNW
  • Brandon Robison - Honorable Mention Monologue and Cold Read - Signed with Mavrick PNW
  • Dennis Burgess - 1st RU Actor of the Year, 2nd RU Commercial Model of the Year - Winner Cold Read, TV Host, & Real People - Signed with Mavrick Artists and Spark Talent LA
  • Jeff Barnaby - Honorable Mention Cold Read, TV Host, & Voice Over - Signed with Mavrick PNW
  • Jayven Jones - WINNER ACTOR OF THE YEAR - Winner in Cold Read, TV Host, Screen Test, & Voice Over - Signed with Management 101 LA and Mavrick PNW
  • Avery Madalia - Honorable Mention Actor of the Year - Honorable Mention in Monologue & Screen Test - Signed with Managment 101 LA
  • Joey Kane - Honorable Mention Commercial Model of the Year - Honorable Mention in Improv, Host, Model Spot, Cold Read, & Screen Test

Congrats Gentlemen! You are all amazing!

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