HRI Talent Agency Agent Day Callbacks

Published: October 07, 2023

Hey Clients!

September Agent Day was a huge success! The HRI Talent Agency from LA loved zooming with everyone. They praised your professionalism, your preparation, your enthusiasm, as well as the diversity of ages and casting types that they had to choose from. Congrats are going out to the following Clients who made the callback list:

  • Jenny Benitez
  • Kieran Nguyen
  • Ashlyn Wood
  • Verlaiya Kelly
  • Alexis Berg
  • Arden Scrace
  • Jesse Ruyle
  • Noraye Gardiner
  • Graceson Mahoney
  • Ava Sharon
  • Micaela Cerna
  • Avery Anderson

Keep both your headshots, as well as your resume up to date, David and his staff in our Seattle Artists Agency division have had some really fun castings lately, including some that were very specific:

  • Local fashion show featuring women 20-50 of all sizes.

  • Video shoot for Nike, wanting to feature soccer players, sneakerheads, woman weightlifters, personal trainers, adaptive runners, trail runners, distance runners, and elite athletes.

  • Shoot for Bank of America for kids 5-13, and multiple roles for men and women 35-70.

And much more!

Keep up the amazing work everyone!

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