March 2023 Agent Day with MC Talent Management

Published: March 18, 2023

Hey Everyone!


We are having an absolute blast today, because its AGENT DAY! We are hosting our friend Jacob St. Aubin, a Manager for the outstanding MC Talent Management group in LA. Their talent can be seen on The Flash TV series, Modern Family, American Horror Stories, PEN15, Young Rock, 9-1-1, The Black Phone, and so many more. We have known Jacob for years, and are excited to see who he puts on his callback list. Hank said it is going really well!

Catching up on a few clients:

  • We signed Mea Murray to Hop Models! Congrats Mea!
  • We signed Nicole Smith with Exclusive Artists Agency. Congrats Nicole!
  • Our Seattle Artists Agency division booked Grace Nguyen and Jimmy Le for an Amtrak commercial!
  • Our SAA division also booked Kristin Day, Alyssa Babineau, Melissa Smith, Max Liam Hanson, Riven Knight, and Jamie Lukins for spots for Virginia Mason
  • More SAA bookings: Rosy Yu and Miroslava Sadova booked a spot for King 5!

Speaking of our Seattle Artists Agency division, keep your self tape skills sharp and your headshots updated, there have been some fun castings lately, including a fun one for a commercial for an aerospace company that had rolls for kids, pre-teens, young adults, and talent that could play grandparents! Other castings that included ages from kids to grandparents, as well as all ethnicities/casting types for Bartell Drugs and Nike happened this month, and another call went out for HiHo Kids and for their incredible YouTube channel.

Keep up the good work everyone! Our video today is a lovely young lady new to the team, Ms. Mia Coffman, being photographed by the wonderful and talented Gideon!

Have a great weekend!

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