Miko Lingat, Our HiHo Kids Star!

Published: October 12, 2018

What’s your favorite meal of the day? Is it breakfast? Well if so, then you’ve got to check out this video! Featuring Seattle Talent’s one-and-only Mr. Miko Lingat, this is the latest Kids Try segment brought to you by the HiHo Kids channel on YouTube! This guy is a HiHo Kids regular with a big personality, and we’re always excited to see him in these viral videos. This time, the HiHo Kids are trying various types of cereal from around the world! Yum! It’s always so entertaining to watch the Kids Try webisodes, because these little tykes have the most outrageous reactions to new foods. We especially love seeing Miko’s remarks about these very….interesting foods. He is such a character. And with all the screen time he gets, he’ll have quite an impressive resume before he’s even grown! Congratulations, Miko!

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