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Will Gannon Models Kenneth Barlis!

Great things happen when you’re a hard worker like Mr. Will Gannon! Several may remember him when he would help out around the office during audition days. Others may recognize him from IMTA NY ’17. He performed so well during the convention and placed top 7 in 7 different competitions! Will was also placed Top 7 of Male Junior Actor of the Year category! He also participated in many exciting photoshoots, bookings, and a music video before he moved to LA!

Just recently, Will walked the runway for one of his favorite designers, Kenneth Barlis! Not to mention, the show was on the day of his birthday! Happy Belated Birthday Will, Keep up the great work!

Kelly Grace Richardson Is Youngstrs’ Spring Cover Girl!

Our beautiful Ms. Kelly Grace Richardson is a cover girl! Congratulations to our Seattle Artists Agency Client, who did such a splendid job on her most recent booking with local photographer, Ms. Valerie Torstenson. This talented gal was not only featured on the cover, but on several pages of the Youngstrs Magazine, followed by a short interview with Ms. Kelly. Her extensive career includes features in JC Penny’s “Back to School” commercials, to appearances on Nickelodeon and Disney TV shows such as Game Shakers and Walk The Plank!

We always knew Kelly was destined for great things, and will continue to cheer her on every step of the way!

Your Favorite HiHo Superstars From Seattle Talent!

You know we love bragging about our HiHo superstars! It’s incredibly hard to miss the adorable faces of Mr. Ethan Huang, Mr. Miko Lingat, Mr. Justin Harris, Ms. GG Harris! These Seattle Artists Agency Clients were featured in yet another awesome video presented to you by HiHo Kids. In this Kids Meet segment they interviewed a marijuana farmer.

Your Family, Fans and Friends at Seattle Talent are so proud you all!

Madeline Petsch in First Ever Vegan Master Chef!

You all know her as the red-headed bombshell who plays “Cheryl Blossom” in the hit CW series, Riverdale! But in case you were wondering, Ms. Madelaine Petsch launched her career with Seattle Talent, before signing with Global Artists Agency LA and Primary Wave Talent, when her career skyrocketed. She is currently one of the most sought out actresses in Hollywood today.

Madeline just released an exclusive video on her youtube channel, where she and the legendary Mr. Gordon Ramsey go head to head in the first Vegan Master Chief cook-off!

Check out the video to find out who wins the trophy in this fun challenge!

Taylor Verville Booked For Video!

Hey Everybody! In the spotlight we have one of our Seattle Artists Agency Clients, the gorgeous Ms. Taylor Verville. This sophisticated young lady started not to long ago and has recently booked one of her very first jobs with She is featured in a video entitled, Match the Drug to The Person.

Your Family, Friends, and Fans at Seattle Artists Agency sends you our Congratulations Taylor!

Celine Dela Montanye Surprises Seattle Talent!

There’s a pretty face we love to see! The lovely Ms. Celine Dela Montanye and her folks payed us a surprise visit to our Seattle Talent Office! The young actress is back in town from LA, and is doing amazing, continuing to keep herself busy with dance recitals and auditions. We were thrilled to see her last week, when she stopped with some delightful treats, just to say hello!

We are super proud of the work you’ve accomplished and are looking forward to what’s still ahead!

Seattle Artists Agency Books Fun Commercial With Belief Agency!

We want to congratulate the following Seattle Artists Agency Clients for booking an exciting commercial for the Belief Agency.

  • Analia Rincon
  • Antonie White
  • Emily Elliot
  • Evie Allen
  • Michael Baldovino
  • Michelle Angeles
  • Norin Asad
  • Todd Baldwin

Such an amazing collaborative effort to make the commercial a great success!

Your Friends, Family, and Fans at Seattle Talent and super proud of you all! keep up the great work!

Jules Williams Gets A Callback From General Hospital!

Callbacks are exciting, especially from your favorite TV shows! Since our very own Ms. Jules (Audrey) Williams signed with Mr. Fredrick Levy of Management 101, she’s been a super busy gal! She received a recent callback after auditioning for the hit TV series, General Hospital! You may remember her remarkable performance at IMTA NY’17, which led to many callbacks from Agents and Managers, and many awards. She was crowned the winner of the screen test competition, 1st runner up in theatrical headshot and tv real people competition, 2nd runner-up of the female teen actor of the year category, and 7th runner up for the cold read and on-camera Host competition.

Congratulations to Ms. Jules from your Family, Friends, and Fans at Seattle Talent!

Crystal Martin Describes Futuristic Cars With HiHo!

See if you can spot our lovely Client Ms. Crystal Martin in this awesome video. She had a spectacular time with the HiHo Kid’s Illustrator, Mr. Koji. In this video, she describes her idea of what cars would look like in the future! This isn’t her first appearance in a HiHo video, and we’re always looking forward to what she does next.

Keep up the great work Crystal!

Jaycee Nolan’s First Booking With Seattle Talent!

A lot of amazing things have been happening in our Seattle Talent office! First of all my name is Jaycee Nolan, and I’m absolutely excited to introduce myself as the lady behind the writing, your newest Social Media Director. I love to brag about all your cool and fun bookings! But today I get to tell you about my first video shoot with Microsoft! I had a spectacular day with the Director Mr. David Reppond, and his awesome crew, who were the brains behind this promotional video for a new Microsoft app.

It’s an honor to be a client and the Social Media Director of Seattle Talent, and I will do my best to keep you all updated an all there is to know about our favorite Agency.